you set the focus and for how long the process continues. the process is about nuturing the potential of one's whole self.

"everyone has the answers they need inside them. it's about me asking the right questions to unlock that answer."
andrew martyn sugars.

"Its been good to talk to someone with a creative understanding. I felt i could be more open about my hopes and fears about being an artist. It was a safe environment to voice ideas."

"The process was great, as I needed to be able to break up what I was doing into smaller chunks, to fit around the general chaos of being a mum."

"... very reasonable and very good value."

to help you organise the mentoring around one's weekly schedule, we can either work at a set hour per week or adopt a more flexible approach.

it's been found that facebook chat suits these methods of working both for mentor and mentee.


about mentoring via facebook chat .

"Access any time which is handy when you have young children."

"...talking online was alot easier as i dont have any spare time at a time that would be convenient to meet in person so this is ideal for myself"

"online - you have a record of what was said. you don't have to write things down!"

"Gave me time to reflect before answering questions (i'm not always very good on the spot)"

"... and you can do other things at the same time, like occasionally we did some internet searches whilst we were talking."

"I achieved what I wanted to, so this style must have worked!"

"... definately good for flexibility and convenience."

"talking online was alot more convenient than meeting in person."

getting started.

if your interested in being mentored contact andrew via the corridor arts facebook page.
the first week of discussion is free and in that time there's space to get to know each other and establish what you'd like to work with as a focus and
establish if you want to continue in the flexible approach (that we'll refer to as flexi ) or move to an hourly arrangement.
if you'd prefer to contact andrew via email, please use the enquiry form. further down this page.
after the first week, the mentoring will continue based on the payment of the mentoring fee.
the fee is outlined in the terms and conditions for the service and are available towards the bottom of this page.

enquiry form.

tell me a bit about yourself and what you would like to focus on.
give an indication if you'd like to work hourly or flexi

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